The face behind Miche’s Niche 


Hi, I’m Michelle! I am the baker, cake decorator, and recipe developer behind Miche’s Niche. 

I have had a love for baking as long as I can remember. Growing up, my uncle would make fancy cakes for each of my birthdays, and I dreamed of creating cakes just like his one day. I got started making cakes when I got the opportunity to work for one of the top wedding cake designers in the Toronto area. I had no experience at the time, but I got recruited based on my artistic abilities, and soaked up everything I was taught. Miche’s Niche was created after I moved home to Saskatoon. As an athlete (100m hurdler), Miche’s Niche gives me the flexibility to work around my busy schedule and keep my athletic dreams and goals alive.

There are three sections on my website that you may find helpful. The “Bake Shop” section includes baking with pre-set designs that you can order within a shorter time frame. Holiday Sales will also be posted in the “Bake Shop” section on my site. See the “Custom” section for more information on ordering custom cakes and cookies. Lastly, I love to experiment and create new recipes (both baking and healthy day-to-day recipes) so I have decided to include a recipe index as a place to share some of my favourite creations!

Get to know me with some fun facts: 

            1.  I have a Health Studies Degree with a concentration in food and health 
            2. I fell in love with travelling after doing a semester at sea my second year of university.
            3. I married my best friend and had a small wedding in Positano, Italy
            4. I am a Canadian team member in the 100m Hurdles   
            5. I am a dog person. I have a toy poodle named Theo
            6. Harry Potter is my favourite cake/ cookie theme to design
            7. I am addicted to chocolate and coffee 
            8. This is my 5th year creating cakes/ cookies here in Saskatoon





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