About Me 

Niche: a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted

Track and Field has been my niche since my early days in Elementary school. I was a late developer and I always felt that I was never good at anything compared to other kids my age. Running track was one of the first things that I excelled at and believed that I could actually be good at. Since then, track has been a large part of my life. 

I am currently a Canadian 100m hurdler pursuing the 2024 Olympic games. I have proudly represented Canada on eight different occasions on the international stage and am a three-time national champion.  My athletic journey, however, is just one facet of my multi-faceted life. Alongside the highs of my athletic career, have come the lows. It was during the toughest parts of my life that I discovered a new passion of mine, cake and cookie artistry. Faced with injuries that could have derailed my athletic career, I channelled my energy into the creation of this unique shop, Miche’s Niche. Baking became my therapy, my creative outlet, and my way of coping with setbacks. Little did I know that my passion for mixing ingredients and crafting delectable treats would evolve into a profitable side business, one that not only sustains my track career but
also brings joy to countless others.

I thought up the name Miche’s Niche, as “Niche” rhymes with “Miche” a shortened name for Michelle that many people call me and baking/ cake decorating has become just as much a niche of mine as track.

As I continue my athletic pursuits on the track and nurture my cake and cookie shop, I look forward to inspiring others to chase their dreams, no matter how diverse they may be. My life is a testament to the belief that with dedication and determination, one can overcome obstacles and create a niche of their own, where passion and success intersect to form a life well-lived.


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