Dessert Tables 


We design tablescapes and offer a collection of delectable desserts that coordinate with your event theme and colors.


Our dessert tables can include any combination of small desserts an candies in combination with our custom-designed cakes. 

Dessert table styling and cake stands available for hire. 



  • Custom Sugar Cookies

    •  Price: $30.00-$60.00/ doz. depending on complexity of design

    • Cookie Flavours: Vanilla, Sprinkle, Toasted Coconut, Red Velvet, Lemon, Candy Cane 

  • Cupcakes

    • Start at $30/ doz. 
    • Additional fee for customization

  • Cupcake Bouquets 
    • Small (7 cupcakes):​ $40.00
    • Medium (12 cupcakes): $60.00
    • Large (19 cupcakes): $80.00
    • X-large (24 Cupcakes): $100.00

  • Mini Cupcakes 
    • Start at $30 for 2 doz. 
    • Additional fee for customization   




Cupcake Flavours 

Classic Vanilla ($30.00/ doz.)

Vanilla bean cupcake topped with a vanilla bean buttercream swirl


Classic Chocolate ($30.00/doz.)

Chocolate cupcake topped with a chocolate buttercream swirl


Strawberry ($30.00/doz.)

Vanilla cupcake with strawberry pieces topped with fresh strawberry buttercream 


Red Velvet ($30.00/doz)

Red Velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting


Mocha Cupcakes ($30.00/doz.)

Chocolate flavored cupcake topped with espresso buttercream 


S'more Cupcakes ($35.00/doz.)

Chocolate cupcakes topped with toasted marshmallow frosting, graham wafer, and chocolate


Carrot Cake ($30.00/doz.)

Carrot cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting 


Salted Caramel ($30.00/doz.)

Vanilla cupcake topped with salted caramel buttercream and a caramel drizzle


PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) ($30.00/doz.)

Pumpkin cupcake topped with whipped cream frosting 


Cotton Candy ($35.00/ doz.)

Cotton candy flavored cupcake topped with cotton candy flavored icing, white chocolate drip, and toppped with cotton candy fluff. 


Sangria Cupcake  ($40.00/doz.)

Fruity vanilla cupcake topped with a red wine buttercream and fresh fruit  


Bubble Gum Cupcakes ($30.00/doz)

Bubble gum flavoured cupcakes with pink or blue bubblegum flavored icing topping with a piece of bubblegum.


Lemon Meringue Cupcakes ($35.00/ doz.) 

Vanilla cupcake filled with lemon curd and topped with a torched meringue 'frosting'





























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