Sugar Cookies



     Minimum order of one dozen. After one dozen, I will accept half a dozen increments.


                Basic Design: one shape for all cookies, 1-3 colors (Ex. FFUN cookies) 

                          $40.00​/ doz. 

                Simple Design: 1-3 shapes, 1-4 colors not including gold/ silver (Ex. One in a Melon Cookies) 

                         $45.00​/ doz. 

                Detailed Design: 4-6 shapes, more detail with 4-6 colors including gold/silver ​(Ie. Baby Shower Cookies) 

                         $50.00​/ doz. 

                Complex: Very detailed, many shapes with 6+ colors, use of airbrushing  (ie. Joker Cookies) ​​

                         $60.00​/ doz. ++


      Cookie Flavours 

               Classic, Sprinkle, Coconut, Red Velvet, Lemon, Candy Cane





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