Sugar Cookies

Pricing is dependent on the design/ theme and level of detail. To get an accurate quote please contact me with the details of your order including themes, colors, and any photos that I can get inspiration from (ie. invitations, decorations, photos, etc.). Pricing starts at $40/ doz. and increases based on design. See below for examples. 

Basic Design: One Shape for all cookies with 1-3 colors

$40/ doz. 

Detailed Design: 4-6 shapes, more details with 4-6 colors including gold/silver

$50/ doz. 

*Most popular 

Simple Design: 1-4 shapes, 1-4 colors not including gold/ silver, airbrush, or hand painting 

$45/ doz. 

Complex: very detailed, multiple shapes and colors, airbrushing, hand painting etc. Characters fall into this section.

$60+/ doz. depending on design 

*Note: Customers often mix one doz. of this set with a basic or simple design if ordering more than 1 doz. 

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