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Welcome to the Blog of Miche's Niche

Hey everyone,

I have decided to start a blog to share some fun recipes and updates on the life behind Miche's Niche. For those that don't know me, I am a full-time track and field athlete specializing in the 100m hurdles. My goal this upcoming year is to make the 2020 Olympic games and represent Canada in Tokyo, Japan. I am also finishing up my degree in Health Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. When I am not in school or at the track, I have a love for baking and art. I love cake and cookie decorating as it is the perfect blend of two of my favourite things! I started Miche's Niche Custom Cakes as a way to work around my busy schedule. It is not easy to work for someone else when I leave the city for weeks or months at a time for track camps or competitions.

Unfortunately, over the next several months I will not be able to take on many baking orders as I will be busy in school and travelling for track. As of December 30th, 2019, I do not have any more availability until further notice. I am already booked up for January and will not be able to take on any orders as I will be busy with midterms, travelling to New Mexico to compete for 10 days, and competing in the Can West Championships here in Saskatoon!

I may be able to take on some orders in March/ April but am holding off on confirming any orders until I get my final school schedule.

I will be taking the entire month of May off baking as I will be travelling to Japan and Taiwan to compete in a few international track meets. I will also postpone taking on any orders in June, July, and August as my schedule will depend on how well my track season goes. I will keep everyone posted when the time comes. September 2020 and onward is a big unknown for me as well, so I will not be taking on any orders until I decide what I want to do with my life. :)

Happy New Years and stay tuned for my first recipe! I hope to make a new post sharing any updates and a new recipe once a week!


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